The Team


Aditi Ghalsasi

Aditi Ghalsasi is currently a senior at The Harker School and is one of the Co-Curators for TEDxHarkerSchool. At school, she is passionate about business as the Executive Vice President on the CareerConnect team and a competitive member of DECA. She is also an active researcher at the lab, participating in competitions and outside research. Outside of school, she is a pianist, performing at competitions and senior homes, and she also competes on the U.S. AAU national team for karate. Some of her other interests include drawing, listening to music, and traveling.



Ronit is a senior at The Harker School in San Jose and a Co-Curator of TEDxHarkerSchool. Aside from TEDx, he serves as Co-Founder of the Red Cross Youth Business Leadership Program, a member of National Honor Society, head of KidzKode, and DECA mentor. In his free time, he enjoys photography, dog sitting, and traveling.



Ayesha is currently a senior at The Harker School and is the Director of Marketing. Outside of TEDx, Ayesha serves as a member on the LIFE Board, interns with a company called NIMBLE Mindset, and is on the Diversity Committee. In her free time, she enjoys creating art, participating in hackathons, and reading.

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Yejin song

Yejin is currently a sophomore at The Harker School in San Jose and serves as a Marketing Associate for TEDxHarkerSchool. Aside from TEDx, Yejin is a passionate pianist, competing and performing frequently. Additionally, she is VP of internal events for Harker's Tri-M Music Honor Society and plays percussion in the Harker Orchestra. In her free time, Yejin enjoys watching SF Giants baseball, drinking boba with her friends, and traveling around the world.


andrea thia

Andrea Thia is currently a sophomore at The Harker School and serves as a Marketing Associate for TEDxHarkerSchool. Beyond practicing communication and advertisement strategies with TEDx, she enjoys playing golf with her family, friends and Harker golf teammates. A majority of Andrea’s time on the weekends is spent running her own successful business. Her passion for business is undeniable, especially when competing at DECA conferences. Her enthusiasm for public speaking is equivalent to that of business, as seen through competing in various speech tournaments. In her free time, Andrea relishes going on road trips with her family, drawing with oil pastel, and playing the piano.


Ishaan Chandra

Ishaan Chandra is a senior at The Harker School and currently serves as the Director of Operations for TEDxHarkerSchool. Aside from TEDx, he pursues interests in business and entrepreneurship, robotics, and computer science. Thus, he also participates in other clubs like Harker DECA, Harker Robotics, Harker Hacks, and Harker CTF. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and listening to music. He also enjoys coding in his free time and has an app on the app store.



Helen Li is currently a junior at The Harker School in San Jose and serves as an Operations Associate for TEDxHarkerSchool. Besides TEDx, she is also the Secretary of Class of 2021, the Publicity Officer of WiSTEM, and an active member of Harker’s Congressional Debate Team. Additionally, she pursues research and works at a lab outside of school. In her free time, she enjoys learning new programming languages, volunteering, reading, watching reality tv shows, and exploring new restaurants.


andrew sun

Andrew Sun is a junior at The Harker School in San Jose and an Operations Associate for TEDx. Aside from TEDx, he is an avid congressional debater, having done the event since middle school. Doing speech and debate has taught him the value of communicating and sharing new ideas. Additionally, he heads Nanoseed, a non-profit organization that provides grants and low interest student and business loans in rural China. He also competes in DECA and plays the oboe. Outside of school, he enjoys playing competitive soccer as an opportunity to destress and exercise, and he can also be found listening to music and reading.



Bryan Wang is a senior at The Harker School in San Jose and the Director of Public Relations. Bryan is the Co-President of Harker Programming Club and the Vice President of National Honor Society, in addition to being a developer on the HarkerDev team and a senior lead on Link Crew. In the jazz realm, Bryan leads and directs his jazz combo, The Jazz Factor, which has performed across the Bay Area at festivals and public events. In his free time, Bryan enjoys writing and 'eating good.’



Arusha Patil is currently a junior at The Harker School in San Jose. As an enthusiastic Public Relations Associate, she loves finding speakers and communicating with them for the TEDx event. Aside from TEDx, she serves as the Sophomore Council's VP and pursues interests in writing, speech and debate, service, and music. While not in school, she spends vacations reading, hiking, and traveling. The coolest place she has been to is Iceland, pun intended.


Sasvath ramachandran

Sasvath Ramachandran is currently a sophomore at the Harker and serves as an associate on the Public Relations team. Besides TEDx, Sasvath enjoys conducting research at Harker’s lab, partaking in science and math activities, such as USIYPT and Math Club, and pursuing personal computer science projects. When not busy with academics, Sasvath can be found playing soccer on the Varsity soccer team in the early winter and enthusiastically practicing for his DECA finance events. He also likes sketching, watching TV, and swimming.



Mr. Acheatel is a business and entrepreneurship teacher at The Harker School where he teaches business courses and advises extracurricular programs including TEDX Harker School, Harker DECA, Harker Incubator, CareerConnect, Harker Podcast Network, and BEcon. Prior to joining Harker, he worked as the President of The Startup Garage where he helped over 150 startups launch and/or raise capital in a wide range of industries with a focus on web/mobile tech and consumer products. He earned an international MBA from Tel Aviv University, Israel’s top business school, and a B.A. in Global Economics & Latin American Students from UC Santa Cruz.

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Juston Glass

Hard-working, positive, and caring, Mr. Glass is the Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Department at Harker. Aside from TEDx, he is also the advisor for DECA, CareerConnect, Investment Club, Podcast Series, BEcon, and Harker Incubator. Over the summer, he held an international business camp in Japan, hosted Wharton @ Harker SOAR camp, and traveled to Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona with his family and friends.